DNA Melting - Melting Curve

DNA sequence input

How to input a sequence

Upload a sequence file:

The sequence's GI number: in the NCBI GenBank. NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright
Insert DNA sequence (copy/paste):

Extract DNA sequence fragment (optional):

Range: to Default [begin-end] to get the full sequence

Sequence length limitation: 240000bp, and it can be further reduced depending on amount of calculations.

Specify a temperature range for the melting curve:

How to handle the melting curve parameters

Temperature range (on the "x-axis"):
Interval from: °C to °C

This field will calculate a interval of temperatures and show a plot where the the DNA is melted at the calulated temperature

Helicity range (on the "y-axis"):
Interval from low: to high

This function will calculate helicity to the corresponding temperature.

Specify the stepsize in the interval in :

Relative steps:
Manually: (advanced) °C
Ex.: Temperature interval [80, 85] with stepsize '1' will create a plot with the temperatures [80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85]. See help for more examples.

Stepsize: The stepsize will determine the accuracy of the calculation. (Smaller resolution-Shorter calculatingtime & vs.)

Small -> 50% of Max stepsize
Medium -> 75% of max
High -> Max
Max stepsize is calculated out of maximum running time defined within the program.
Advanced options

What is this

Choose Loop Entropy Factor: Multiexponential approximation (fast) Exact power law (slow)

Choose empiric thermodynamic parameter set:

Salt concentration: [Na+] = M (Interval[0.001..8])

This might take up 2-3min to analyze.
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