DNA Melting - Stitch Profile

DNA sequence input

How to input a sequence

Upload a sequence file:

The sequence's GI number: in the NCBI GenBank. NCBI's Disclaimer and Copyright
Insert DNA sequence (copy/paste):

Extract DNA sequence fragment (optional):

Range: to Default [begin-end] to get the full sequence Default [begin-end] to get the full sequence

Maximum sequence length: 140000 bp

Stitch profile parameters input

How to handle stitch profile parameters

Choose a temperature: T = °C
Choose a helicity: θ =

Maximum depth: Dmax = Interval: [0.5 - 6]

Probability cutoff: pc=

Advanced options

What is this

Choose empiric thermodynamic parameter set:

Salt concentration: [Na+] = M (Interval: [0.001 - 8])

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